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Available Services 

Interactive Workshops

We offer a range of experiential workshops designed to support overall wellbeing. 


Each workshop contains a psycho-educational component and several experiential practices. 

Attendees will leave with practical tools that can easily be incorporated into even the busiest of schedules. 

Here are some of the current workshops we are offering: 

*NEW*Mindful Movement Series- A collaboration with Alleviate Massage. A blend of self-massage, stretching, breathwork and mindfulness to reduce stress. 

Mindful Self Care - a Two Part Series 

Mindful Self Compassion 

Navigating Workplace Stress

Restorative Sleep- Regulating the Nervous System 

Caregiver Wellness- a Two part Series 

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New Hires

Individual Therapy Sessions 


If you are feeling alone and in need of extra support, let us connect you with one of our registered therapists.  

We are currently only offering virtual therapy sessions. 


We are excited to share the details of an 8 week supportive group for survivors of trauma or folks struggling with anxiety. 

The purpose of this group is to offer a supportive environment for individuals who’ve experienced trauma to learn how to safely practice mindfulness, meditation and breathwork.

Mindfulness, meditation and breathwork can be incredibly supportive and healing, but they can also be retraumatizing if not taught and practiced in a trauma sensitive manner.

As a trauma informed mindfulness teacher and therapist, Jessica Lemieux is skilled at providing a safe and supportive space for participants to develop an individualized mindfulness practice.

Over the course of 8 weeks we will move through a series of educational components, discussions and practice a variety of supportive mindfulness techniques ( movement, meditation, breathwork etc.).

The purpose of these practices is to reduce intensity and frequency of trauma responses and support the development of mindful coping that can be incorporated into daily living.

Please note: We will be offering these sessions in two formats depending on participant preference and suitability: In person or virtually via ZOOM.



Mindfulness Support Group 

Employee Wellness Programs

We offer a variety of supportive programing to help your team thrive! Check out what we are currently offering: 

15 Minute Mindful Meditation Sessions 

- These are skills based sessions that will offer staff mindful techniques that can be applied throughout the workday to help manage stress and difficult emotions

- Participants will leave the sessions feeling refreshed, energized and grounded


Peer Support Group (30-60 minutes)

- A support group designed to be a safe space for staff to share challenges and difficult emotions  

- These sessions are to support the mental health and overall wellness of staff 

Wellness Workshops (1 hour) 

- Wellness workshops on various topics designed to promote overall wellbeing of staff 

Access to Employee Wellness Audio Library 

- Your team will have access to our growing library of employee wellness meditations 

- These sessions cover a variety of wellness topics and can be accessed 24/7 

Woman on Window Sill

Meditation Sessions 

Virtual 1-1 Meditations 

If you are looking for a more personalized experience, we offer 1-1 meditation sessions! These sessions are available for both adults and children! Jessica will customize a session based on your individual needs! 

In Person Meditation Sessions 

Keep an eye out for special in person sessions offered in the Pembroke/ Petawawa area!

We also offer virtual group meditations too! 

Check out class schedules here

Employee Wellness

Whether you're looking for individual, group, or workplace support,

We are here to help. 

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