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Jessica Lemieux

Did You Know?

Cultivation is a process of attending to and nurturing soil to allow for growth to happen.

Humans also need cultivation to heal, grow and flourish.

It is incredible what happens when we  learn to pay conscious attention to our needs and develop a compassionate relationship with ourselves.

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About Us 

Meet Jessica 

Therapist. Social Worker. Meditation Teacher. 

Jessica Lemieux (BSW,MSW) is a registered social worker, therapist, trauma sensitive meditation teacher and owner of Cultivation Therapy Services.

In 2020, Jessica opened the (virtual) doors of Cultivation Therapy Services; a fulfillment of a lifelong dream.


Jessica offers a variety of mental health services in the community and has a passion for mindful meditation & body- based therapy. 

Jessica is now accepting 1-1 clients for virtual therapy sessions. Please visit her Psychology Today profile to learn more about her therapeutic approach & specialties or send her an email here. 

Jessica also offers work place support through educational workshops, meditation and peer support programs. 



Jessica is now offering in person nature based retreats on a beautifully forested property in the Pembroke area! 


Retreats can accommodate 10-15 people & can include a variety of wellness services

(massage, meditation, breathwork, nature based experiences etc.). 

If you'd like to chat with Jessica about any of her services please reach out here

Jessica Lemieux
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Meet Kristina

Registered Psychotherapist 

Exciting News!! Kristina is expanding her practice!! 


She is currently welcoming new clients of all ages! 


Offering both virtual and in person sessions! 


She has limited evening availability, but lots of daytime (morning, early and and late afternoon availability!! 


Read on to learn more about this incredible human! 


Hi there!  


My name is Kristina Scully and I am a Registered Psychotherapist who has 10 years experience working as a clinical therapist. 


I specialize in anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, substance use, relationship issues, disordered eating and trauma. I have worked extensively with adolescents, youth and adults.


I am also an experienced Parent-Child Therapist supporting families in the community. 


I bring non-judgmental and unconditional care to every session. I will work at a pace that feels right for each unique client. I aim to provide empathy, support and gentle challenges as we work together to process inner experiences and develop insight into your life so that you may heal, grow, and develop coping tools and move forward towards your goals.


I use an integrative, compassion focused, and collaborative approach to therapy, wherein I draw from multiple theories and techniques in order to tailor treatment to meet the needs of each client. I genuinely enjoy connecting with individuals and supporting them in utilizing their strengths to make positive changes, ultimately leading to more joyful living.


If you'd like to begin working with Kristina, send her an email at kscullytherapy@gmail.com 

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